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Since 1957, a Sydney car broker, is a reliable brokerage procuring cars for customers at the most affordable price all around Australia. We offer services in exchange for a flat fee, which means we get paid when the web puts efforts and succeeds in snatching your dream car while staying within your budget.

We endeavour to rejuvenate the care-free exciting essence of car buying, lost within the stacks of dollars, cunning tricks, and lack of time. With our nationwide fleet arrangements, we give you access to outstanding discounts.

Our team is professional; having dealt with thousands of car dealers from all over Australia, we have our expertise to protect you from lots of financial, physiological and psychological stress.

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Charlotte Evans

Once I saved up enough money for a car, the next step was the most dreaded part, meeting, negotiating and haggling for a car that suits my needs and falls within my range. As a first-timer, it was hard for me in terms of cost and car research. When it comes to cars, their terminologies and specs, I know nothing. That’s when I came across Thank you so much for all your efforts and dedication, not to forget the 1000$ saving

Anna Smith

With the trade-in feature, I sold my old car, taking delight in the new luxurious beauty and the most reasonable cost. Seeking you out was indeed an excellent decision.

Oliver Black

Thank you, Susan Mitchell Auto Brokerage. We really can’t thank you enough for saving the most valuable assets of time, money and trust. We are glad we relied on you, and you kept your promises. An old soul like me certainly can’t afford such an exhausting hobby of searching for cars. You saved me from a lot of trouble.

Buy Car In 3 Easy Steps

After knowing us, you can rest assured and leave the rest to us. Follow through the following steps, and you’re good to go.

  1. Request an enquiry or quotation
  2. Sign the paperwork
  3. If you already have a car you want to sell, don’t worry, we’ll handle it for you
  4. Pick your car up or get it delivered to your doorstep.


While picking up a car for you, we tick off all your needs and ensure a budget-friendly purchase. We operate on flat fees and do not have any hidden costly surprises at the end of the deal. To ensure the car meets your needs, we organise a test drive where you further test and approve it.

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