Young female car sales consultant working in showroom

What is susanmitchell.com.au?

Sydney Car Brokers, susanmitchell.com.au, established in 2002 is providing independent auto brokerage services in Australia. Our company persistently stands out as Sydney’s leading Car brokerage with our years of professional experience and top-tier establishment. Car purchasing free of headache is a true blessing. That is why we strive to make the process simpler, straight forward with all the loyalty reserved to clients.

The tightly weaved values of Susan Mitchell Auto Brokerage has been steering our journey of respect, integrity and unbiased devotion to our valued customers and work.

Our customer-oriented approach and ethical conduct have earned us Australia’s trust. At Susan Mitchell Auto Brokerage, we exercise our top-notch skills and professionalism to fight your battle, saving you from the clever dealers’ tricks. Employing our negotiating tactics and training, we secure your desired car while scoring the best price. Our determination to win your best interest at every transaction never disappoints you, ensuring the trust you have in us.

We are wheel enthusiasts, and we are a team that performs with utmost sincerity to their passion and clients who entrusted us with their asset selection. We, at susanmitchell.com.au, don’t make the commitments we can’t adhere to; our promise of quality with affordability never fails the hopes and expectations of our clients. With an adept team who knows when, where and how to play, we provide you with an exceptional customer experience.

If you fancy a car or have a checklist to complete, we can help you acquire it. Whether it is a sleek sports beauty, family haulier or a blend of both that you desire, we know just what to do.
Our esteemed customers include multitudes of renowned companies, insurance companies, and thousands of private buyers.

Utilising our extensive network, we score the most incredible cars at unrivalled prices. Typically, fleet tender proffer services only for organisations and large-scale companies. However, we lookout for you in our way and save you thousands by winning a place in the fleet tender. Our exceptional services know no bounds and work for all.

In the past, car purchasing used to be a thrilling and fun experience that has turned into a tedious task as stressful as examination. While all the scams and swindlers roam around the streets, car buyers have generated significant trust issues. Susan Mitchell Auto Brokerage aspires to bring a change, answering your apprehensions and questions with honesty. No worries, we can save you from stress and your pockets from future spider webs. Auto buying is no joke; it’s one of the valuable assets which often leaves a dent in your bank account. We offer our services at a flat fee. We only get paid when we succeed in our mission of buying you a car at the deserving rate.

How did Susan Mitchell Auto Brokerage start?

Get to know us a little more apart from being car brokers. We are not only car brokers working just for working or profits; instead, we are true car enthusiasts looking beyond the figures. Our passionate journey of cars started in 2002 with Susan Mitchell, an adept car dealer working under people with dollar signs in their eyes. The massive profit at every sale was a poignant reminder of the deception they gifted the customers in return for their trust. It was then; Susan Mitchell created her life-changing moment – not served but made. Susan Mitchell started susanmitchell.com.au from scratch, exercising values that matter.

Young female car sales consultant working in showroom