Sell Your Car

Car sales

We are car brokers that are brimming with experience in all facets of the car brokering industry. When we assess buyers and sellers alike about the values of their vehicle and their potential one, they, almost without fault, comment on how we give them a better deal and how they are happy with the price.

A lot of car buyers will heavily undervalue vehicles they are looking to purchase. They either use this as a bargaining chip to get to a higher, but still far too low, discounted price or genuinely expect to get your automobile at such a rate. They either use it themselves, for a steal of a deal, but they may – and this is a typical venture – sell it for around what the car is worth and pocket the difference.

And these ‘cost-saving tactics’ lead to those who cannot or will not afford to wait until they get a buyer willing to go higher to sell their car, losing out on a lot of money.

We saw such inequitable practices, and we said: ‘Enough is enough; It is time for a little bit more honesty.’

When you use our services to sell your car, we guarantee that we will assess your vehicle for what it is genuinely worth with a smile and a handshake.

We then offer to buy it at that price, or, if you feel like a ‘negotiating natural,’ we will happily engage in such a practice since you would be on equal footing, and it would be a match between equals – though we warn you, we are pretty good at this type of thing.

And following our ethos, we aim to disclose all our fees and service charges fully and clearly. We are a business that aims to be convenient for the customer and open and honest with all our practises. You may find a buyer willing to pay a tad extra for your car, but we know that they are a rare breed – though if you do find one, we recommend it heartily.

However, there are a lot of things that go into finding such buyers, advertising, cleaning, fixing, getting the ‘right lighting’ for your car, the right ‘sell’, and a whole lot of waiting. We offer a comfortable, timely, and easy option without any such hassles, letting you move on with your life outside the car market.

If you are unhappy with the deal because you miss your car or any other reason you feel and believe, you can contact us to see about getting to reunite with your set of wheels. However, we will want to make sure you are ready for selling it and being done with it if only to make sure you are satisfied with the rate, the decision, and our service.