If you are tired of your current car and want to wash your hands off it, you have a myriad of options. You could use a cardboard “for sale” tag or perhaps post it on online platforms.

However, what should be the ideal approach to retire the car which has been with you through thick and thin? The last retirement gift to your can should be to sell it for what it’s worth and to whom who can value it.

Save yourself and your car from not only the car selling and buying hassles but also dealers “sucking back”- making extravagant profits in dealers language. To nip it in the bud, opt for a more convenient and reliable option like a trade-in.

Trade-ins have become quite common over the few years. The process is quick and easy to sell your car meanwhile getting a new auto. However, some people still prefer the other ways but before you dismiss this idea, walk through the potential gains and risk of trade-ins.

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Why Should You Trade-in Your Car?

You Are Dealing With Only The Broker.

If you turn to a broker for a trade-in, they are the ones who handle the whole transaction from the beginning to the end. All you have to do is fill a form, add pictures of your car and request valuation. And it’s out of your hair.


The brokerage will evaluate it and take away your car after the agreement. You’re just one step close to purchasing a new vehicle. Trade-in is a better option; you are only dealing with one expert saving your time and energy.

It's Convenient Plus Fast

Privately selling your car demands efforts and time. A rough estimate is a minimum of two weeks or maybe months to find a suitable buyer. On the contrary, in trade-ins, you can easily wash your hands off the car in a couple of days.

Reduction In New Vehicle's Price

The brokerage will add your trade-in cost to the new car, and because of that, you can knock off several thousand dollars on your new vehicle’s price.

Why Shouldn't You Trade-in With A Car Dealer?

You can be a victim of cost discrimination if you trade in your car with a dealer. Deers judge the money buyers can willingly pay for their new automobile, the model, condition and brand based on the only choice of trading-in. Employing this information they offer less discount on the new car through their assumptions.

How Can You Avoid Dealers Tricks?

As professional brokers, we also have some trick up our sleeves; however, we are not dealers; thus, we employ these tactics to benefit our client. Instead of “sucking back” the client, we advocate your concerns and interests.

As Sydney’s trusted brokerage, we safeguard your rights since it also cost us our hard-earned reputation. After signing up for our Trade-in services, we take care of you.

Our team will guide you at every step and request the information we may require, and the next tread you’ll receive a valuation for trade-in. You can seek our valuation service separately as well.

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